Queensland Economic Advocacy Solutions

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Delivering genuine solutions in economic, political and social advocacy in Queensland for start-ups, small and medium sized businesses, not for profit organisations, industry associations, local chambers of commerce, and local and state government.  

Queensland Economic Advocacy Solutions provides:

           - Economic Analysis and Market Research

           - Lobbying, Government Relations and Submissions

           - Media Relations

           - Stakeholder Relations

           - Not for Profit Services

           - Industry Association & Local Chamber Services

           - Public speaking

Choose QEAS for our expertise, professionalism and ability to work with our valued clients to achieve outstanding outcomes. 

"For over two decades I have worked with government and other stakeholders to shape our economic future. 

My approach has always been to achieve results rather than headlines by working behind the scenes to secure positive outcomes. 

Well prepared policy employed in constructive collaboration away from the public spotlight is the best means of achieving positive and more importantly lasting results."

​Nick Behrens, Director - QEAS