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QEAS helps ensure the rebuilding of Paradise Dam

I am extremely pleased to announce the Queensland Government have made a key decision to rebuild the Paradise Dam.

The Paradise Dam is in the Bundaberg region and was opened in 2005 with a capacity of 300,000 megalitres of water. Owing to dam safety concerns the dam wall was lowered last yea…

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Redbank Power Station reopening to rely on AEAS

AEAS is very pleased to announce that we have been engaged to conduct an economic impact assessment for the reopening of the Redbank Power Station in the Hunter Valley.  The conversion of the existing Redbank Power Station to enable biomass fuel use for electricity generation is a crucially im…

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AEAS commissioned to crunch the numbers on the Australian Gas Industry

AEAS is pleased to announce that it has been commissioned by the Australian Gas Industry Trust to analyse the employment and economic contribution of the Gas Industry Supply Chain to the Australian community. 

The importance of the Australian Gas Industry can only be fully understood when h…

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QEAS analysis helps deliver new incentive game changer for digital game creators

QEAS clients Crisis & Comms, Interactive Games & Entertainment Association (IGEA) and Gameloft have collectively achieved an outstanding advocacy win with the announcement by the Queensland Government of a 15 per cent rebate for a Post-Production, Digital and Visual Effects (PDV) incentive schem…

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AEAS Client wins $5 million grant

AEAS is very pleased to announce that one of its key clients, the City of Newcastle, has won a maximum $5 million grant under the Remanufacture NSW Grants Program for the establishment of a new $40 million regional Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) to recycle waste glass, plastic, tyres and pape…

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QEAS launches additional banner – Australian Economic Advocacy Solutions

Dear All

I’m pleased to announce that 1 July marked the official commencement of an additional banner for Queensland Economic Advocacy Solutions (QEAS) - Australian Economic Advocacy Solutions (AEAS).

QEAS is the economic consulting entity delivering services specific to Queensland based c…

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Queensland Economy 2021-22: Business Update

Please see this link for our latest QEAS business update on the performance of the Queensland Economy.

As the Queensland and Australian Governments currently play the blame game on COVID-19 the key point to be made is that all of the progress that we have made, all of the progress our businesses…

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QEAS Business Update: Queensland Budget 2021-22

The Hon Cameron Dick’s second Queensland Budget as Treasurer is all about managing the tension that exists between keeping the COVID-19 economic recovery underway but inevitably casting an eye to the future and addressing underlying issues such as getting the budget back into surplus and getting…

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QEAS analysis opens door for discussions on cane farm rates

QEAS was recently commissioned by CANEGROWERS to examine rating practices by councils impacting on cane farms across Queensland.  The report is designed to allow cane farmers to determine whether they are being treated fairly by their local Council. The report serves as the factual evidence behind r…

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QEAS appears with LANTRAK in the Queensland Planning and Environment Court

QEAS has just finished a marathon six days in the Queensland Planning and Environment Court assisting one of our valued clients - LANTRAK.

Lantrak is a provider of  essential services to the SEQ building and construction industry providing processing, recycling and disposal infrastructure and…

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The Business Case for the Compulsory Installation of Engine Immobilisers in Queensland

Across 2021 QEAS has been working with the Queensland Police Union (QPU) on building a business case for the compulsory installation of engine immobilisers to tackle the rising incidence of motor vehicle theft in Queensland.


In the latest financial year:

  • A car is stolen every 9.5 …

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QEAS Business Update: Queensland Budget 2020-21

Earlier this year the 2020-21 Queensland Budget was cancelled due to the extremely difficult task of framing a budget with the uncertainty of COVID-19’s impact on State revenues. The freshly minted State Treasurer, the Hon Cameron Dick, has released his first Queensland Budget.

As I have …

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QEAS Previews the Queensland Government’s 2020-21 State Budget

Earlier this year the 2020-21 Queensland Budget was cancelled due to the extremely difficult task of framing a budget with the uncertainty of COVID-19’s impact on State revenues. The Queensland Treasurer, the Hon Cameron Dick, will be releasing his first State Budget on Tuesday 1st December 2020.

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QEAS Business Briefing: Queensland's COVID-19 Fiscal & Economic Review


Earlier this year the 2020-21 Queensland Budget was cancelled due to the impossible task of framing a budget with the uncertainty of COVID-19’s impact on State revenues. The new State Treasurer, the Hon Cameron Dick, has today released instead the Queensland Government’s Fiscal and Economic Re…

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QEAS Business Briefing - Queensland Government's Fiscal Update - July 2020

COVID-19's impact on Queensland Government's GST & other tax receipts (payroll tax, duties etc) coupled with an increase in expenditure to support the economy has delivered the two largest operating deficits in the State's history. The 2019-20 operating result will be a $5.9 billion deficit (the MYF…

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QEAS Business Briefing - Australian Government's Economic and Fiscal Update - July 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has been described as a once-in-a-century shock - placing immense pressure on Australia’s health system and economy. The outbreak of COVID-19 globally, the resulting containment measures in Australia during April and May, and now the second wave re-emerging in the southern Stat…

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Latest on Queensland's Labour Market - June 2020

Key points from today's release of unemployment numbers by the Australian Bureau of Statistics for Queensland include:

Queensland's unemployment rate in June 2020 fell from 7.8 per cent to 7.7 per cent and compares nationally to 7.4 per cent. Queensland's underemployment rate (those wanting more …

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BNE's new runway provides hope and will enable Queensland's economic recovery

Sunday 12 July 2020 saw the commencement of operations for Brisbane Airport's new runway .... and what a wonderful piece of enabling infrastructure it is for Queensland.

QEAS was commissioned by the Brisbane Airport Corporation as part of its 2020 Masterplan to analyse the economic contribut…

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Tax reform is the antidote for Australia’s COVID-19 economic crisis

Tomorrow sadly marks the 10th year anniversary of when the Australian Government released the final report of the Ken Henry Tax Review – The Australia’s Future Tax System Review.  

This was a missed opportunity of epic proportions. Back then the key conclusion was that 115 of Australia’…

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The importance of gender balance from a male economist

Whilst achieving gender balance in the workforce is often looked at with the lens of being a social issue it is undoubtedly a commercial opportunity for business, industry sectors and the economy more broadly. 

Increasing female workforce participation is key to boosting Australia’s producti…

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