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Bob Hawke - Architect of 28 years of uninterrupted economic growth

Australia’s 28 years of uninterrupted economic growth can directly be attributed to Bob Hawke, Prime Minister of Australia 1983 – 1991.  His economic reform agenda is unrivalled and characterised by:

  1. Floating what was a bloated Australian dollar thereby making our exporters globally …

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QEAS Business Update - Federal Election Special

The 18th May 2019 Federal Election is less than one weeks away and the general malaise of the broader community towards politicians has never been greater.
This is a dangerous situation as a comparison of policies clearly indicates a lot is at stake for business. It is extremely important …

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The most important union KPI: election results, members or wage outcomes?

As Queensland celebrates the Labor Day holiday and for many the role that unions play in today’s society, I thought I might examine some of the core roles that Unions play for their members.

When considering the role of unions many Queenslanders think of the efficiency and effectiveness o…

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Federal Election 2019 - Coalition and ALP Policies for Business and Queensland

The Federal Election will be held 18 May 2019.  Elections are a competition of ideas and a wonderful opportunity to get a politician to commit to doing something useful. It is extremely important that Queensland businesses stay informed and be able to compare and contrast what is on offer fro…

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Federal Budget 2019-20 implications for Queensland


For a full analysis of the Federal Budget 2019-20 and what it means for Queensland please click here


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Strike action - where, when and why

Latest data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics reveals Queensland lost 25,300 working days in 2018 due to industrial action. 

Queensland has more working days lost per 1,000 employees than both NSW and Victoria.  However this should be placed in context against the fact that current day…

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A hint on the FWC’s increase to the National Minimum Wage for 2019-20

Each year the Fair Work Commission (FWC) is responsible for reviewing and setting minimum wages for employees as part of an annual wage review.  The Commission issues a decision for the national minimum wage (NMW) and for pay rates for all 122 modern awards, which comes into operation on 1 July for …

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Queensland wages are growing not declining

There will over the coming weeks and months be considerable scrutiny on wage levels in Australia as the Fair Work Commission’s Annual Wage Review for 2018-19 kicks off. This process adjusts the National Minimum Wage and the rates of pay for Australia’s 122 modern awards.

At present everyone…

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A GDP per capita recession is nonsense

Talk of a 'GDP per capita recession' is complete nonsense – not because it is statistically not the case but because it has little to no context relevance.

When the national accounts were released this week Australia’s GDP per capita (that is GDP per head of population) in seasonally adjusted t…

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The BNE 2025 projects represent a renaissance opportunity for Brisbane

Over the next five years Brisbane will experience a once in a generation level of investment in new major projects on a scale that no-one will have seen before not even for Expo 88.

Between now and 2025, our State’s capital city is being transformed by major construction projects worth approx…

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Latest Queensland Wages Growth

Wages growth for Queensland's private sector is now slowly starting to ramp up. Latest data by the ABS reveals:

  • Queensland wages grew by 2.3% across 2018 and compares to the decade average rate of 2.8%. National wages growth across 2018 was also of 2.3%;
  • This compares to latest inflation num…

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Queensland Business Numbers Continue to Rise

The ABS have released their Counts of Queensland Businesses including entries and exits and the story in the main is a positive one for Queensland in 2017-18. 

Key points include:

  • Queensland's business population continues to increase. There are now 448,725 businesses operating in Queensla…

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Queensland Labor Market Summary - January 2019

Key points from the Australian Bureau of Statistic's labour market numbers for Queensland in January 2019 include:

  • Queensland's unemployment rate remains unchanged at 6.1% in trend terms and is down from 6.1% to 6.0% seasonally adjusted.
  • Nationally the unemployment rate remains unchanged a…

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Latest Reserve Bank of Australia economic forecasts - February 2019

The Reserve Bank of Australia have released their latest Statement of Monetary Policy which contains forecasts for the Australian Economy over the next several years.  This Statement received widespread media coverage - whilst the RBA's monetary policy stance remains neutral, the next adjustment…

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Imprisonment for mistakes in payrolls is a step too far

“Employers found to be deliberately or recklessly engaging in wage theft could find themselves in jail, after the Palaszczuk Government accepted in principle making wage theft a criminal offence following a Parliamentary Inquiry.”

Source: Queensland Government Media Release

This is one…

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Can the three tiers of Government finally work together: the SEQ City Deal

Residents of SEQ are always banging on about how the different tiers of government can never work together to fix the things that desperately need fixing. Well that may well change with the Coalition Government seriously considering supporting the SEQ City Deals proposition.

City Deals are long-…

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Does Queensland have a debt problem?

At the end of 2018 when the Mid-Year Fiscal and Economic Review (MYFER) was released there was considerable debate over whether Queensland has a debt problem.  So to kick off 2019 I thought QEAS might have a look at this important issue. It is an important issue because if we leave debt to spiral …

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QEAS response to the Financial Services Royal Commission

A brief summary for business:

According to Commissioner Hayne the chief protection for small business borrowers has for some time been, and remains, the Banking Code.  Among other things, the Banking Code provides that, if a lender is considering providing a borrower ‘with a new loan, or an incre…

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Modest increase in Brisbane CPI for the December Quarter 2018

Brisbane's CPI rose by a modest 0.5 per cent in the December Quarter 2018 and by 1.5 per cent over the year to the December quarter 2018.  This increase is down from the 1.8 per cent in the 12 months to the September quarter 2018. Given that there is correlation between economic activity and the …

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Queensland labour Market Summary - December 2018

There are five main points to note about Queensland's labour market for the month of December 2018:

  1. Queensland’s unemployment rate was steady at 6.2% in trend terms and down from 6.3 to 6.1% seasonally adjusted. Compares to 5.0% nationally (both trend & seasonally adjusted);
  2. Queensland has…

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