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The economic benefits of a Queensland 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games

A Queensland 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games will provide unrivalled and historic opportunity for the Sunshine State. That is the unsurprising finding from the Queensland Government’s value proposition assessment released this week.

A 2032 Queensland Olympics will showcase our State like never before as a destination driving unprecedented investment and opportunities for the State’s economy, businesses and community.

The State Government blueprint for hosting the 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games predicts economic benefits in the billions of dollars and jobs for the next 20 years.  Initial economic estimates include:

  • The 2032 Games would be held over three venue ‘hubs’ – Brisbane, the Gold and Sunshine Coasts but will also include regional locations.  43 venues have been identified (18 are outside Brisbane);
  • The quantifiable economic benefits for Queensland have been estimated at approximately $7.4 billion;
  • The Games could have a positive impact on job creation, supporting around 130,000 direct jobs. In addition to direct jobs, there will be tens of thousands of indirect jobs supported by the Games including over 10,000 tourism induced jobs in the Games year alone;
  • The tourism and trade opportunities the Games could deliver are significant. This includes an estimated uplift of around $20.2 billion in international visitor expenditure between 2020 and 2036 and increased export opportunities of up to $8.6 billion; and
  • There are a range of qualitative social and community benefits that the Games could deliver over a potential two-decade window of opportunity including increased participation in sport and volunteering.

A Queensland Olympics bid is worthy of support from across the length and breadth of our State including from our regions.  Why? Quite simply the Games will showcase Queensland’s spectacular destinations to a global audience that will have a return on investment for decades in the area of tourism.  This will unmistakably also benefit Regional Queensland as the economic opportunity ripples across the State's 1.853 million km2.

A Queensland 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games will leave a lasting legacy for the benefit of future generations of all Queenslanders.  

The 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games – Value Proposition Assessment can be found here:

*photo from my life as a professional athlete pursuing the Olympic dream.

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