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Federal Election 2019 - Coalition and ALP Policies for Business and Queensland

The Federal Election will be held 18 May 2019.  Elections are a competition of ideas and a wonderful opportunity to get a politician to commit to doing something useful. It is extremely important that Queensland businesses stay informed and be able to compare and contrast what is on offer from the major political parties as part of this Federal Election and without the spin.  Accordingly QEAS will provide its usual policy ready reckoner for your information. Our Queensland Election 2017 example can be found here.

Key election analysis areas will include:

  • Budget management;
  • Economy including employment;
  • General taxes;
  • Business taxes;
  • Red tape reduction;
  • Workplace relations including minimum wages and collective bargaining;
  • Housing;
  • Infrastructure Energy;
  • Climate Change;
  • Training and Education;
  • Manufacturing;
  • Tourism; and
  • Resources sector

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