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Stakeholder Relations

QEAS has substantial experience in evaluating community sentiment and helping shape it.

We can identify who the stakeholders are; prepare an engagement strategy for them; and develop the materials to ensure that they understand your project.

QEAS can facilitate firsthand real life illustrations of how projects or businesses benefit surrounding communities with the potential to create a chorus of community support.

QEAS can organise:

  • Accurate assessments of community views in order to develop projects that will be supported; 
  • Community and stakeholder information sessions;
  • Industry association and local chamber roundtables where executives are briefed on the economic benefit of a project for them to in turn become project proponents through their own networks;
  • 'Vox pops’ from local small business operators on how they believe the project will benefit their business;
  • Individual case studies to illustrate how the project would benefit small businesses adjacent to the project;
  • Community polling to determine community support for the project.  Either as a one off or a series of polls to establish longitudinal changes in support as the project progresses; and
  • Preparation of regular newsletters and information kits to keep your community up to date as well as social media content.

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