Queensland Economic Advocacy Solutions

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QEAS offers proven and bespoke services to our clients across the following areas:

Economic Analysis and Market Research: QEAS is unrivalled at gathering information and leveraging it to achieve outcomes with over two decades experience applying economic analysis and research in the real world. See more

Lobbying, Government Relations and Submissions: QEAS will give your business a voice and ensure it is heard by those with the privilege of making decisions that impact on you. See more

Media Relations: QEAS has the contacts and knows how the media works to get your story in the news cycle. See more

Stakeholder Relations: QEAS can gather real life illustrations of how projects or businesses benefit surrounding communities with the potential to create a chorus of support. See more

Not for Profit Services: QEAS is able to assist your organisation with funding submissions to government and community grants. See more 

Industry Association & Local Chamber of Commerce Services: QEAS has extensive experience in the administration and secretariat management of industry associations and local chambers of commerce. See more

Public speaking: QEAS Director revels in speaking to public audiences with his skills honed by years of professional and sporting experience. See more