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Latest Reserve Bank of Australia economic forecasts - February 2019

The Reserve Bank of Australia have released their latest Statement of Monetary Policy which contains forecasts for the Australian Economy over the next several years.  This Statement received widespread media coverage - whilst the RBA's monetary policy stance remains neutral, the next adjustment…

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Imprisonment for mistakes in payrolls is a step too far

“Employers found to be deliberately or recklessly engaging in wage theft could find themselves in jail, after the Palaszczuk Government accepted in principle making wage theft a criminal offence following a Parliamentary Inquiry.”

Source: Queensland Government Media Release

This is one…

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Can the three tiers of Government finally work together: the SEQ City Deal

Residents of SEQ are always banging on about how the different tiers of government can never work together to fix the things that desperately need fixing. Well that may well change with the Coalition Government seriously considering supporting the SEQ City Deals proposition.

City Deals are long-…

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Does Queensland have a debt problem?

At the end of 2018 when the Mid-Year Fiscal and Economic Review (MYFER) was released there was considerable debate over whether Queensland has a debt problem.  So to kick off 2019 I thought QEAS might have a look at this important issue. It is an important issue because if we leave debt to spiral …

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QEAS response to the Financial Services Royal Commission

A brief summary for business:

According to Commissioner Hayne the chief protection for small business borrowers has for some time been, and remains, the Banking Code.  Among other things, the Banking Code provides that, if a lender is considering providing a borrower ‘with a new loan, or an incre…

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Modest increase in Brisbane CPI for the December Quarter 2018

Brisbane's CPI rose by a modest 0.5 per cent in the December Quarter 2018 and by 1.5 per cent over the year to the December quarter 2018.  This increase is down from the 1.8 per cent in the 12 months to the September quarter 2018. Given that there is correlation between economic activity and the …

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Queensland labour Market Summary - December 2018

There are five main points to note about Queensland's labour market for the month of December 2018:

  1. Queensland’s unemployment rate was steady at 6.2% in trend terms and down from 6.3 to 6.1% seasonally adjusted. Compares to 5.0% nationally (both trend & seasonally adjusted);
  2. Queensland has…

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Pipeline Projects for Queensland's Economic Future

Building Queensland has published its latest Infrastructure Pipeline Report detailing the work occurring across Queensland Government assessing major infrastructure projects.

The Infrastructure Pipeline Report presents Building Queensland’s independent, expert view of priority infrastructure prop…

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Queensland Mid-Year Fiscal and Economic Review 2018-19

The Queensland Mid-Year Fiscal and Economic Review 2017-18 has been released providing an update on the State's economic and fiscal position since the State Budget delivered in June of this year.  

Key points include:

  • The surplus has been revised upwards from $148 million to $524 million i…

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Is Queensland out of step with our increasing public service headcount?

There has been a lot of talk this year about growth in public sector numbers in Queensland.  With the Mid-year Fiscal and Economic Review (MYFER) to be delivered this week QEAS takes a look at this important topic. 

This issue tends to focus on growth across years (longitudinal comparison).  W…

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Queensland's Domestic Economy - September Quarter 2018 Update

Latest ABS data confirms Queensland's domestic economic growth has now peaked and is falling away which has considerable implications for future employment growth in the Sunshine State.

In trend terms, our domestic economy grew by only 0.1 per cent in the September quarter and in seasonally adju…

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Queensland's productivity continues to rise in 2017-18

QEAS has previously had a very close interest in Queensland productivity given the profound importance it has for the economy and living standards. Productivity measures the efficiency with which combined labour and capital inputs are transformed into product or service outputs which is called ‘m…

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Support for employees affected by domestic and family violence

On this White Ribbon Day - Any Queensland small business can access a free QEAS resource / template assisting them with the implementation of a "Support for employees affected by domestic and family violence" policy. This template can be accessed here

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Queensland's Economic Performance 2017-18 in graphs

Queensland's Economic Performance 2017-18 in graphs ............

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Does your business feel compelled to donate to the major political parties?

Does your business feel compelled to donate to the major political parties or attend a particular political party event?  If so, you’re not alone.

Recently the Grattan Institute studied political donations in Australia and confirmed what many know to be the case.  If you want to do busine…

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NSW fires latest salvo in tax competitiveness war

Competition is a beautiful and ruthless concept.  It is a situation in which two or more people or groups are trying to get something which not everyone can have.  In the business world this is predominantly market share. For State Governments competition is better known as competitive federalism…

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Anticipating Queensland’s Future Skill Needs

Jobs Queensland have released a very interesting report ‘Anticipating Future Skills: Jobs growth and alternative futures for Queensland to 2022.

It provides an evidence base for consideration of Queensland’s future skills needs that has been developed in consultation with industries and region…

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Why is infrastructure so challenging for Queensland

Infrastructure plays a crucial role in determining the strength of current and future economic growth in Queensland. However the roll out of infrastructure ahead of or even on the curve of requirement has proved profoundly challenging for all three tiers of government and successive governments.

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Queensland Workplace Accident Statistics 2017-18

The 2017-18 WorkCover Annual Report contains very good summary statistics on Queensland accidents in the workplace. These are provided below:

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The big dilemma over WorkCover Queensland

There is a huge decision that the State Government is going to have to make in relation to WorkCover Queensland.  So what is it?

WorkCover is a success story for all other Australian jurisdictions to follow.  WorkCover’s Annual Report for 2017-18 released earlier this month highlights wha…

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