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The Business Case for the Compulsory Installation of Engine Immobilisers in Queensland

Across 2021 QEAS has been working with the Queensland Police Union (QPU) on building a business case for the compulsory installation of engine immobilisers to tackle the rising incidence of motor vehicle theft in Queensland.


In the latest financial year:

  • A car is stolen every 9.5 minutes; 
  • One out of every 120 Australian households had a vehicle stolen in the last 12 months; and 
  • The value of motor vehicles stolen in 2019-20 was $600 million however the cost to society is much more

It is important to point out that car theft if not just a property crime - 75% of vehicles stolen in Australia are taken
by thieves who steal for transport, to commit another crime including armed robberies, break and enters, terrorism or to trade for drugs.  Vehicle theft with force, or carjacking, also occurs. This is a serious crime and can be very traumatic for the broader community as well as the victim.  Additionally as recently seen in Queensland we have also witnessed several instances of ‘property’ crime that have had devastating and tragic impact on the personal lives of innocent Queenslanders. 

QEAS recently appeared with the QPU before Queensland Parliament's Inquiry into Vehicle Safety, Standards and Technology, including Engine Immobiliser Technology to talk about the QPU initiative.  A link to our appearance can be found here.

A final QPU and QEAS report is due in June 2021 which is anticipated to confirm that there is an overwhelming net benefit to Queensland from the compulsory installation of engine immobilisers.

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