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State Election 2017 - Queensland Labor & LNP Policies for Business

Elections are a competition of ideas and a wonderful opportunity to get a politician to commit to doing something useful. It is extremely important that Queensland businesses stay informed and be able to compare and contrast what is on offer from the major political parties as part of this State Election and without the spin.  Accordingly QEAS has provided the below comparison table for your information.

To be impartial it is important to point out that an incumbent State Government in certain areas may not have a new policy going into an election but rather a continuation of an existing one.  Where this is the case I have provided the current Queensland Labor policy in the relevant section of the table.  This table will be progressively updated each day and my analysis of which policy will deliver a better outcome for economic growth, jobs and business will be provided towards the end of the campaign.

Analysis current as at 3 pm Thursday 23rd November 2017   

Click here to view the QEAS comparison of Queensland Labor and LNP Business and Economic Policies

Sources: (Queensland Labor) (Liberal National Party)

I have also been under some pressure to post the Greens, KAP and One Nation Policies.  If there is an indecisive result and either major party is unable to form a majority government then presumably some of the above policies may be up for negotiation. We might also see some minority party policies implemented but historically this has not been widely prevalent.  Accordingly we really have to take with a grain of salt minority party policies.  It ultimately depends upon how 'hard ball' parties want to play negotiations. However for the sake of being thorough their policies can be found under the following links. (One Nation) (Katter's Australian Party) (The Greens - Queensland)





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