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Queensland Population Statistics

Today’s ABS Catalogue 3101 reveals Queensland’s population grew by a solid 1.4% during the year to 30 Sept 2016, close to the national increase of 1.5%.

Victoria recorded the highest growth of all states at 2.1%. Over the last 12 months Queensland’s population has increased by 67,700 persons and is now estimated at 4,860,400, Australia’s population is now estimated at 24,220,200.

Natural increase was the largest contributor to the State’s population growth over the last 12 months with an additional 33,300 persons.

Net overseas migration created an additional 21,500 persons and net interstate migration an additional 13,000 persons. Interestingly Queensland continues to rely on all three components to add to its population.

However when we compare to two decades ago our State’s population growth now comes from more births and less deaths, more overseas migration and we rely less on interstate migration.

This in my view is largely as a result of a core principle that interstate migration flows toward economic & employment opportunity and Queensland has undoubtedly suffered post resources boom. However with domestic economic activity starting to again lift we can see that interstate migration is slowly starting to creep back up for the Sunshine State.

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