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Queensland Economy 2021-22: Business Update

Please see this link for our latest QEAS business update on the performance of the Queensland Economy.

As the Queensland and Australian Governments currently play the blame game on COVID-19 the key point to be made is that all of the progress that we have made, all of the progress our businesses and community have achieved (that is evidenced in this economic update) is now potentially on the line. Unquestionably we need our tiers Government to work together to pull us back from the brink.

There is an ongoing economic recovery at present in Queensland and Australia which is unquestionably a subset of our success or otherwise to the COVID-19 health crisis and lock-downs. 

Queensland businesses were increasingly confident as domestic economic recovery was recovering well that would in turn lead to jobs and investment.  This has led to increased interstate migration that in itself stimulates further economic growth. There are now signs of businesses are feeling they can increase prices and greater potential for modest wage increases.

However key issues going forward are the rapid spread of the COVID-19 delta variant and the resulting lock-downs, the vaccination rollout, continuing trade disputes and winding back of government support.

QEAS's main point is that it will take the Australian and Queensland Government's working well and competently together to keep this economic recovery underway.  Fingers crossed they can and COVID-19 and its restrictions and lock downs are progressively seen in the rearview mirror. 

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