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QEAS work features in draft Brisbane Airport Masterplan 2020

One of the exciting projects QEAS has been involved in is working with the Brisbane Airport Corporation to evaluate the economic contribution of BNE’s new runway.  Some of this work has recently featured in the draft Brisbane Airport Masterplan 2020 that is out for consultation at present.

Due to open in 2020, Brisbane Airport’s new runway will be a key driver in the long-term growth of the Queensland economy. QEAS analysis revealed that the new runway is set to generate new jobs, create new investment and boost economic opportunity in Brisbane and across the state. 

Forecasts indicate that the direct economic contribution to the Queensland economy attributable to the runway will rise over the next 20 years to an estimated $2.1 billion with an indirect contribution growing to an estimated $1.1 billion. 

It is anticipated that this contribution will directly support more than 18,600 jobs by 2040-41 and another 8,700 indirectly. Each of the new jobs created will result in wages being paid to Queensland workers and their families. It is estimated that by 2040-41 Brisbane airport based business and their supply chain as a result of the new runway will be contributing $1.2 billion in direct wages and $640 million in indirect wages to employees in Queensland. 

In short, as a key enabler to Queensland’s economy and catalyst for future prosperity, the new runway is essential for the whole state.  

The 27,000 plus jobs are equivalent to around 0.6 per cent of all jobs in Queensland and the $3.2 billion in economic activity will represent approximately 0.5 per cent of Queensland’s Gross State Product. These contributions are in addition to the already sizeable economic benefit that BNE provides to the Sunshine State.

This QEAS work helped to demonstrate the economic activity created by BNE’s new runway in an accessible and digestible manner.  In summary, it will enable continued growth bringing more flights, more choice and better service for business, exporters and leisure travellers that is in turn benefiting thousands of employees and businesses across the State.

For further information about the considerable economic contribution of BNE’s second runway and to have a say on the draft Brisbane Airport Masterplan 2020 click here. 


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