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QEAS Business Update - Federal Election Special

The 18th May 2019 Federal Election is less than one weeks away and the general malaise of the broader community towards politicians has never been greater.
This is a dangerous situation as a comparison of policies clearly indicates a lot is at stake for business. It is extremely important that Queensland businesses stay informed and able to compare and contrast what is on offer from the major political parties as part of this Federal Election and without the spin.  
QEAS’s role is to provide this information so you can make a considered decision on who will be the best custodian of our country’s economy and finances. 

A full overview of policies impacting business is provided here

Major Party Policy Ready Reckoner

Many of us are frustrated by politics at present, yet elections are a wonderful opportunity to get a politician to commit to doing something useful.  Only time will tell whether the next Government of Australia is about ‘you’ as businesses and ‘us’ as Australians as opposed to ‘them’ as politicians. I will do a post election wrap on what it all means for us once Australia votes.  

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