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QEAS appears with LANTRAK in the Queensland Planning and Environment Court

QEAS has just finished a marathon six days in the Queensland Planning and Environment Court assisting one of our valued clients - LANTRAK.

Lantrak is a provider of  essential services to the SEQ building and construction industry providing processing, recycling and disposal infrastructure and transport services to the industry. Lantrak has played a key role in Queensland’s landmark construction projects – including the Queensland Children’s Hospital, Gateway Duplication, Kingsford Drive Upgrade, Gateway North Upgrade as well as current projects including the Cross River Rail, Queens Wharf and M1 Upgrade.

Materials handled by Lantrak are a by-product of SEQ’s continuing building and construction and economic activity. Accordingly Lantrak in enabling this economic activity to occur is an important contributor to the Queensland economy in turn creating broader employment opportunities, generating wealth and driving economic growth.  

QEAS role was to model non-putrescible materials out to 2046 and match this with available infrastructure and available landfill airspace.  In addition QEAS modelled the impact the project would have on Queensland's waste strategy resource recovery targets. 

This represents over 18 months of work for QEAS and it was such a privilege to help LANTRAK with its Material Recycling Facility and Landfill used for residual waste that is either environmentally or technically unable to be further recycled or has had the economic valuable materials extracted from it.

Photo taken outside the Queensland Planning and Environment Court on day one of proceedings.


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