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Latest Queensland Wages Growth

Wages growth for Queensland's private sector is now slowly starting to ramp up. Latest data by the ABS reveals:

  • Queensland wages grew by 2.3% across 2018 and compares to the decade average rate of 2.8%. National wages growth across 2018 was also of 2.3%;
  • This compares to latest inflation numbers for Brisbane of 1.5%;
  • The influence of Queensland's public sector wage rises is now starting to reside and come back to the broader trend being experienced in the State's private sector;
  • Wages growth for our State's public sector was 2.4% and compares to private sector growth of 2.3%; 
  • Pleasingly the private sector growth is the highest level of increase for the past three years;
  • Wages growth is highly linked to economic growth. The difficulty that Queensland's economy has experienced since the resources investment boom is evident in lower wages growth compared to other States;
  • For example the difference between Queensland’s average weekly ordinary time earnings and Australia’s in 2013 was $12.10. In 2018 due to lower wages growth the gap has increased to $34.90.  That is, because we have not kept up with national wages growth, Queenslanders have fallen behind to the tune of $1,185.60 each year.
  • ​The overall outlook for wages growth indicates it will continue to experience modest improvement in line with a broader improvement in the labour market.

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