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Brisbane Housing Prices

Today's ABS data for residential property price increases reveals its Sydney & Melbourne and then the rest.

During the Dec qtr 2016 residential property prices rose in Melbourne (+5.3%), Sydney (+5.2%), Bris (+2.2%), Adelaide (+1.8%), Hobart (+4.5%) & Perth (0.3%).

In the 12 months to the Dec qtr 2016, residential property prices rose in Melbourne (+10.8%), Sydney (+10.3%), Brisbane (+3.8%), Adelaide (+4.1%), Hobart (+8.8%) & fell in Perth (-4.1%)

And this coincides with latest RBA minutes indicating mounting concern for Syd & Melb.

"Conditions in established housing markets had continued to differ significantly across the country. Over recent months, conditions appeared to have strengthened in Sydney and had remained strong in Melbourne; these cities had continued to record brisk growth in housing prices, and auction clearance rates had remained high.

Housing loan approvals and credit growth had picked up for investors, primarily in New South Wales and Victoria. In contrast, housing prices and rents had fallen in Perth for two years or so, and apartment prices had declined in Brisbane.............Recent data continued to suggest that there had been a build-up of risks associated with the housing market."

Minutes of RBA Board, Sydney – 7 March 2017

Finally when it comes to property versus shares, well sometimes your ahead and sometimes your behind.

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