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BNE's new runway provides hope and will enable Queensland's economic recovery

Sunday 12 July 2020 saw the commencement of operations for Brisbane Airport's new runway .... and what a wonderful piece of enabling infrastructure it is for Queensland.

QEAS was commissioned by the Brisbane Airport Corporation as part of its 2020 Masterplan to analyse the economic contribution of BNE's new runway. 

The new runway is an asset of national significance that will bring jobs, economic growth, tourism, export opportunities and considerable investment for both SEQ and regional Queensland. 

From the moment the first flight takes off and lands the new runway is generating economic activity for all of Queensland. The BNE new runway’s economic contribution will progressively rise over the next twenty years to $2.1 billion in direct economic contribution and $1.1 billion in 2040-41 in indirect contribution to Queensland’s economy. 

Other key statistics include:

$1.25 in every $100 in Queensland economic activity will be enabled by BNE’s new runway that in turn cascades prosperity to communities and families across Queensland.”

“One in every 50 jobs in Queensland will be enabled by BNE’s new runway operations providing Queenslanders and their families with $3.3 billion in earnings.”

As a key enabler to Queensland’s economy and catalyst for future prosperity, the new runway is essential for the whole state and offers considerable hope for Queensland’s economic recovery.

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