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Blog posts February 2018

Why the State Government is ‘NUTS’ to offer Scottish beer giant BrewDog industry assistance

February 14, 2018

There are times to offer industry assistance and then there are times not to, such as the State Government’s announcement of ‘luring’ BrewDog to Brisbane.

There was much fanfare over the announcement BrewDog will open a $30 million brewery in Brisbane including a 50 hectolitre brewhouse…

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Closing the Gap Report highlights employment challenge for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders

February 13, 2018

Yesterday the Prime Minister released the Closing the Gap Report 2018 highlighting the significant challenge ahead in providing employment opportunities to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders that in turn provides them with a livelihood and advancement in living standards.

In 2016, the unemplo…

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The top ten largest increases in cost of living

February 7, 2018

This week has seen some much needed emphasis placed by media organisations on the financial difficulty being experienced by many Queensland households.  The Consumer Price Index (CPI) released last Thursday confirmed a 27% increase in the cost of living over the past decade for Brisbane households a…

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